Dating hot chics, anyone?

I embarked on a favorite task the other today, which was, of course, to review yet another site for you. Only, this time around it’s a ‘dating’ site called Slixa- slick, like the real chics featured on the site. In these days of scams and more scams online, finding a site of reputable adult entertainment is hard, to say the least. And I didn’t want anybody to get into cop trouble in his search to satisfy a hard-on! But then there are a lot of sites out there which are genuine and hold an amount of respectability in this unrespectable world. Slixa, I found to my satisfaction, to be in the ‘good’ segment, without a doubt. Every hot chic featured on the site is real, verified, and perfect for astute gentlemen who seek the company of women of pleasure- as escort, as companion or whatever!

Slixa- What’s it got?’s Attractive Index Page

As soon as you are on the site, you will realize that Slixa is not just beating around the bush but they take their business very seriously indeed. The girls out there are probably the crème de la crème in the escorts or companionship world. At least they definitely appear to be so. They are the kind of gals you probably expect a rock star or a high headed politician to be caught with. Or the kind seen in the Hollywood movies! They’re not the type you get to see on sleazy sites who charge something like $75 an hour. They could cost you a few thousands and then some. But then you don’t get to see them in the nude or screaming in rapturous delight. Some of them even wear a mask or the faces are in shadows- indicating they would like to keep themselves rather anonymous so they are not pried upon during their adventures! And mind you it’s not just the girls- there are strapping hunks too! All you need to do is browse for your companion, location wise. Choose your city from the drop down menu and browse away till you find the one you are likely to be satisfied with. (the Las Vegas Escorts selection is pretty amazing by the way)  If you are really choosy and do not find your type in the city of choice, that’s not going to be a problem because you can you can have one fly down to meet you from anywhere around! Yes, that’s the deal. You have 41 locations or cities in the US you can browse. ( I personally have used Slixa New York and Slixa LA already) The service is available in five other countries as well- Canada, France, Spain, Germany, and the UK, of course. That’s a wide array of choice for a spoiled brat like you! It’s going to cost you a bit, but you can splurge on Slixa- you’ve come for it!

How Slick is Slixa?

Well, as slick as the slickest, I would dare say. The design itself is elegant as one would expect a site of this stature to be. The predominantly white background displays text in black and gray, making it a lot easy to read. This is in stark contrast to the header which is pitch black with pure white letters. The header is truly minimalist and does not confusing the user. There’s a dropdown menu across the slider that says, ‘jump to city’ where you can choose the city you are in from the drop-down menu. And pictures of the escorts available there are shown. Click on the pictures for a brief bio and other general info in the escort’s own words- her interests, her expectations, and her rates too, in a few cases. You also have a couple of sponsored links just below the Slixa logo- ‘Sugar Babies’ and ‘Pay for Play’. Sugar Babies takes you to a different site where it shows as “An alternative to Escorts”. Pay for Play again redirects to another site where they claim “She’ll do anything to make ends meet”, with a free signup tab. The secondary menu is where all the action is. The menu itself lists out VIP, Recent, Available, Pornstar, Escorts, Body-Rub, Fetish/Kinky, BDSM, Tantra, and Dancers as separate tabs.

Slixa Model Info details PagesHigh-end pricing

Well, well, wondering what all this companionship or escort service would cost? It could cost you from as little as $600 an hour to as much as $8000 for a full night. And this is just the average bracket of rates I could figure out. You’ll need to get in touch with the companion or escort of your choice and discuss things out to get the actual rates. So the only way of figuring out how much you’ll need to pay for your gig depends on the individual you choose, the location she is from and other such factors. And you’ll get these rates after certain parameters of yours are verified- irrespective of your being a commoner or a Senator! This they claim is for your own safety as well as theirs, more importantly! There could even be deposits you need to pay. But what the heck, if you want to spend a night out with damsels such as those on Slixa, you need to stretch your purse a bit. And is it all worth it? I’d like to hear that from you…

Finally, my conclusion:

Slixa, I found out, is more than just a dating service or simply a database of entertainers and escorts based out of various cities. Slixa gives you the latest updates on in the actual private entertainment world. They have three blogs with regular updates- Slixa News, Slixa Late Night and Slixa Under Cover. This, they claim has material written for clients by the service providers themselves, aimed at providing more info to make your experience of hiring and enjoying your escort more pleasurable. To put it quite bluntly, if you are looking for a top-notch pro escort or companion for a few hours or a night, you’ll need to spend a small fortune to enjoy your fantasy outing. And as you’ll be choosing your escort or entertainer from a verified pool of talent on Slixa, you can rest assured that it’s going to be safe. Nobody’s going to spy on you while you have a whale of a time. Just enjoy your time under the moon.    





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The Good

  • Top-notch verified girls
  • Verified pics
  • Additional professional badges
  • Ad-free (except for the sponsors)

The Bad

  • Services available only in top-tier cities