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Who on earth has never heard of Brazzers? With the hottest content featuring the best porn stars and scenes of the highest video quality, ‘Brazzers’ rules them all. Brazzers was born in the Canadian city of Montreal way back in 2005. Part of ‘Mindgeek’ they have grabbed awards in the adult video space every year since they first won an AVN award in 2009. Since then, Brazzers’ collection of awards has been blowing up, winning other prestigious ones such as “Best Adult Website”, “Best Membership Website”, and “Best New Video Production Company”.

So, what’s the big deal about Brazzers? Review
Karmen Karma has 21 Scenes Available on

Well, almost everything on the site is awesome. The porn stars, the boobs, and the massive booties- almost anything you can think of. Including the number of Video scenes. When I looked that up it showed a pretty decent 8839 scenes. Pretty good for a single membership site if you ask me. But, that wasn’t it, under the explore tab is a section called “bonus videos”, I clicked on it and the next page blew my mind…There are close to 77,000 videos available! OMG, when/how am I going to see them all? Simply mind-boggling, to say the least. And they all seemed so very Brazzers– top class, HD, sexy… And obviously, they have every goddamn category you can think of. 

Let’s look under the hood:

The moment after you log in to Brazzers, there’s a kind of confusion to be honest. There’s a whole lot of stuff coming at you in your face. I took some time to navigate and locate the content I was actually looking for: Videos of hot porn stars getting fucked!

Just like 99% of the paid porn site, the Brazzers portal is  trying hard to sell other stuff; dating, webcams, pills... you name it. But once you get to the content, you’ll realize pretty fast that it was all worth it.

Brazzers would do well with a better user interface, with a better flow, design and definitely less ads. If not for the sometimes annoying navigational delay due to the ads, it’s a breeze. Make sure you use the menu along the white strip- that is exclusive to Brazzers. You can go down the ‘explore’ button and find the latest scenes, upcoming scenes, sites, categories, live shows, and bonus videos. Each of the sections mentioned there is unique in its own way and worth more than the money you spent. Next, you have the ‘porn stars’ tab where you can get info about each of the fucking star and the videos they featured in.

Furthermost, you can even leave your own comments there! The next tab gives you access to the ‘ZZ Series’– the entire vids on the different Brazzers ‘house episodes’. It’s an array full of crazy videos, worth mentioning. Then you have the ‘live cams’ followed by the ‘promos’ and ‘fuck date’!  Unfortunately, I quickly found out that ‘fuck date’ was just another upsell for a dating website. Overall, the video quality is undoubtedly great and the HD streaming is really stable and fast. Downloads are not a problem either- (unlike RealityKings) you don’t need to pay extra to stack up your ‘special’ library on the hard drive with those cock-stiffening favorite videos of yours.

Member Area Screenshots:

How does the money count?

Right now, Brazzers is offering a “Flash Sale”- 60% off on yearly memberships!  The membership Price can get pretty low at $99.99 for year-long access, when you do the math, that’s only $8.33 a month! Quite a great price considering the amount of content available on the site. The other options are a 3-month access for $59.99 and 1-month access for $29.99. Those are a bit more expensive when you break it down to monthly- the best option is to go for the annual plan. However, if you are not too sure, I strongly suggest you take a 2-days trial at $1 a day. If you feel you are having proper fun, you can upgrade to one of the other plans. (Again, I recommend the Annual Plan.) 

Tons of option for payments, You can pay by Credit card, checks, Gift Cards (Yes, they do have Walmart) or if you are a trendy geek, you may use Cryptocurrency. And if you become a paid premium member, you have access to over 30 Brazzers Pay sites, each site gets a daily updates when it comes to Videos! To top it all, as a paid member, you can even interact with your favorite porn stars online! What more could you ask for?

The final words

Although I would prefer to not pay for porn, I know good stuff comes neither free nor cheap. And for the price Brazzers are charging, it is truly a steal. Especially considering their high quality and quantity of HD Porn! As well as all the other fucking extras thrown in.
At the same time, I’d love for Brazzers to stop pushing annoying upsells in the member area.
I must also mention that my personal favorite serie  is ‘Big tits at School’- they’ve got 7100 scenes there!
I guess it’s time I got off this review and give the monkey a little spank! 

Get a 2 days trial at Brazzers, you won’t regret it!
Happy cumming, folks!


Update on our Review (3/28/2024)

Did you catch the Cherie DeVille video when you wandered onto Well, guess what? Your local government is now playing internet babysitter, insisting that the site card you every time you want to sneak a peek. Sure, they say it’s for safety, but let’s be real, handing over your ID every time you want to watch some adult content? Not exactly convenient or safe for anyone involved. It’s like putting your privacy on a silver platter for any lurking online trolls to feast on. And here’s the kicker: even if they do slap on some age verification rule, who’s really going to enforce it? It’s like telling a bunch of kids they have to eat their veggies but not actually making sure they do it.

Next thing you know, everyone’s hopping over to sketchy sites with about as much safety as a cardboard box in a rainstorm. Brazzers, bless their hearts, they’re all about keeping things on the up and up. But they’re not about to play this game of cat and mouse with the internet police. Instead, they’re saying, “You know what? Until someone figures out a real solution, we’re out.” No more access, no more fun. It’s like shutting down the party because a few gatecrashers showed up. So, here’s the deal: if you want to keep enjoying your favorite adult content without all the hassle, it’s time to ring up your local representatives and give ’em a piece of your mind.

Demand solutions that actually work, like identifying users by their devices. Because let’s face it, nobody likes a party pooper, especially when it’s the government.

If you have any questions or concerns about this review please leave your comments below, we would love to hear from you! Review

$1 Trial then $29.99/Month Review

Content Quality


Content Quantity


Stream Speed






The Good

  • Great Network: 33 sites and counting
  • Full HD high-quality content
  • Superbly lovely chics
  • Exclusive content

The Bad

  • Not a great user interface
  • Advertising for Cams and Dating


  1. Stephanie Mc Pherson

    So, I splurged on this account thinking I’d treat myself to something fancy, but lo and behold, they sneakily slipped in a Brazzers Premium trial like it’s some sort of surprise party nobody asked for. Like, seriously? One day you’re browsing for socks online, and the next thing you know, you’ve got a subscription to the Sock of the Month Club automatically renewing at $25 a pop!

    So there I was, innocently logging into my account the next day, ready to bid farewell to this unwanted gift like it’s a distant relative overstaying their welcome. But alas, no cancellation button in sight. So I turn to Google, the ultimate oracle of our age, only to be met with a labyrinth of frustration.

    I muster the courage to contact the biller, hoping for a smidge of sympathy, but no dice. Apparently, I’ve upgraded my account manually, according to them. Me, upgrade? I can barely upgrade my own life! All I did was peep into the settings, trying to wriggle out of this mess, and now I’m in subscription purgatory with no way out.

    And guess what? They’re tighter with their refunds than a kid with their Halloween candy stash. They just snatched $25 from me quicker than you can say “oops.”

    Lesson learned, folks: stick with the tried and true. Evilangel may sound like the villain of a B-list movie, but at least they don’t play tricks on you like a mischievous leprechaun. As for Brazzers, well, let’s just say they’re not getting a gold star from me anytime soon.

  2. The site is fast, love the videos. Wish the had more amateur content. Keep the reviews coming!

  3. Get a 2 days trial at Brazzers, you won’t regret it!
    Happy cumming, folks!

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