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I just love reviewing porn sites because it is exciting to look at porn from a different perspective. But what the heck, I’m human too and Digital Playground is for me to play as well! What I mean is the site is so obvious, it’s difficult to write a review with a straight face. Digital Playground, without doubt, is a very big player in the porn industry, akin to a Honda in the automobile sector! You barely get to the login page and the girls just blow you away into fantasia! Clad in battle attire, wielding deadly weapons, they appear to warn you not to take them lightly. And right then and there, you start drooling for more! Exotic erotica, here I come! And come I will. DP or Digital Playground is so full of oomph, you’ll never regret paying for membership. However deep I looked, it was difficult for me to lay my finger on a flaw of any kind- laying my fingers elsewhere was a simple thing to do though. It’s because DP has such a voluminous collection of videos of high-quality.

Oodles of HD Quality Content

Digital Playground Review Member Area

Although the number of scenes on DP may not get your adrenaline flowing, the quality will. A quick look into the library showed me that there are 4059 HD quality videos from the hottest producers on the planet. They are all full-length scenes- unlike the half-baked ones that you see on poor quality cousin sites.

The streaming is Flash based and allows for multiple format viewing but full HD is obviously the most frequently used. This ensures super clean and crystal clear picture quality, and awesome sound. This is good news for people who appreciate top class streaming. There are also around 4000 galleries, each with over a hundred pictures- again in high resolution. The galleries feature over 1600 girls and you can bet your ass they are all oomph material. That speaks volumes for the content on Digital Playground. Although DP does not have a regular update log there are 4 to 5 scenes added every week. That is pretty good considering the industry’s average and ensures you have new stuff to watch week after week.


The DP Interface- Cool or not?

The design on DP impressed me quite a bit. Although it has all the regular stuff porn sites have, it is quite simple and easy to use. There’s a lot of clarity here on what you ought to do, without being taken for a ride. In other words, it is not too crowded- chiefly because it is not cluttered with promos and annoying banner ads! Navigating back and forth between different sections is a breeze- you don’t need to really look too deep into it. The DP menu is clean and bold- very few porn sites allow for such clear navigation. The response to your clicks is fast too. You click and it happens- you’re taken to where you wanted to go in a jiffy. That speaks volume about the amount of time and energy they have spent on the functional technicalities. The social media icons are neatly arranged at the bottom in a black tab such that you don’t miss them- but yet they do not intrude into your space, cluttering things that you have actually come here for.


Member Area Screenshots

Let’s talk money, honey

The kind of top-notch content that Digital Playground boasts of does not come free! Yes, DP is a premium site. If you’re looking to enjoy its jaw-dropping content in full rather than bits and pieces, you need to buy a membership. Being a member entitles you to a lot of privileges on DP. But you don’t need to jump into it all at once. I’d suggest a trial run- a 3-day trial costs just $4.95 and that should be a clincher- whether you want to or not want to become a member. And knowing what I saw in the member area, I can assure you that you’ll sign up for a full membership after the Trial, holding your member in one hand while the other taps away at the keyboard! The good news here is there’s a huge price cut when you sign up as a member for a whole year. It costs you just $119.99 which works out to only $9.99 per month. Whereas a monthly plan costs you $29.99 per month.

There is a go-between- the 3-months plat for$59.99, which works out to $ 19.99 per month. With all those raunchy videos out on the site, I’d blindly recommend you take the annual membership. You will be pretty pleased too because you won’t have to break the bank (and the wife won’t notice it)- some of the porn sites out there demand really exorbitant rates. There’s one downside though- DP does not allow you to download videos unless you are a VIP member. Meaning, additional costs if you want to be able to download your favorite scenes.

My Final Verdict

Digital Playground is a no-nonsense porn site boasting of some of the most notorious videos and porn stars on the planet. With fabulous content and High Definition quality to boot, it qualifies as a top paid site and to which one can subscribe. The design is on point, the ease of navigation is excellent, and other functionalities are really easy too. Although when I think of downloads it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, DP is still worth more than I will pay. So, if I had to choose between good bits of free porn and excellent full scenes that cost me some money, I’d settle for the latter. Just because all the good things in life do not come to you on a platter or for free.

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Got scammed

I first thought that this website was excellent with the most beautiful women offering their services. Unfortunately, in my experience, they lure you with seductive beautiful women with revealing pictures to trap you into advancing them a deposit to book an appointment. Another interesting fact was that none of the women in this site answer the phones and instead rely on texting. When asked all of them stated that their phone was acting up or they need to fix their phones even though their texting worked great. Most of them don't deal with cash and they take cash apps, zelle, ebay card etc. I was scammed and stiffed by Linda and her number is 970 283 4029. I texted her to find out her rules and she said that she accepted cash apps and recommended me using an EBAY card. When I was ready to meet her she insisted that not to forget the EBAY card. She sent me pics on the phone to verify that it was her and to further lure me to use her services but no phone calls. I had the card loaded with complete charges and when I texted her she insisted that I take a picture of the EBAY card and then she wanted me to scratch the back and give her the code. Without thinking I did. Then I did not hear from her and then I looked it up online and found out that I should not have given her the code on the back of the card after scratching. Then she asked me to resend but this time I resisted but she had it the first time. The I checked the balance on the card it was the amount I loaded and in two minutes in went to zero. I texted her back only to be scoffed at by getting a reply like "someone you don't have any business with". I got stiffed. It looked like an international scam with a few people because sometimes the grammar was not right. They use beautiful women with pictures to lure you to this trap. Then after having this humiliating experience and losing a few hundred dollars, I tried as an experiment with other women's ads on Unfortunately everyone of them were similar asking for deposits and one of them asked for an eBay card. I sent a complaint to escortaffairs customer service and I have not received a reply yet. This happened on May 6th, 2022. Do not fall into this scam like I did. All the women are pretty and look great with seducing pictures. They don't take cash and do not answer the phone when you call them. I find that this website is not monitoring for this fraud and scam. I would not recommend to anyone. The ladies in this site are scammers and I am not sure if this website is aware of it or if they are part of the scam. Think of the deposits upfront to get a room number or to book a time and eBay card scams. They are making a great deal of money with this scam.


These are a group of girls in US working as a team to take your money. It is scam. They even have only US phone numbers.

After receiving the money they disapear. All of the girls are scammers on this site.

About 90% of users are scam artists. You can do a reverse image search to find out

Scam alert

This is a scam , trying to get money out of you before you ever get a room number and of course at the end the text messages stop... stay away from this site especially Melissa Cox

so sexy

This site had thebest cams on the net right now. All in one page, can't beat it!

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The Good

  • Great collection of top-notch videos
  • User-friendly features
  • Content quantity
  • Frequent updates

The Bad

  • Downloads cost extra
  • Cross sale on Billing Page.
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