Escortsaffair Review

escortsaffair review

Lovely Escort Directory

In all honesty, the Escortsaffair review was pretty easy to do. The site is one of the best escort directories ever to be built. Everything on it looks so cool. It has a simple design which makes it easy to navigate. It’s a pleasure to browse through the escorts who list their ads on the site. The pleasure is enhanced by all the sexy pictures they post of themselves. Finding an escort near you has never been easier. And it’s a worldwide service, meaning that you can find girls for your travels or if you live abroad.

Hot Call Girls Ready For Funescortsaffair review

This is one of the sites that focuses on in-call and out-call services. And they offer lots of ads from all continents. Most of them are from the United States, with all cities of each state coming with extended offers of escorts who are ready to offer their services 24/7. But the directory also features lots of ads from all across Canada, Europe, and the rest of the continents. (Yes, even Japan) Escorts Affair could be compared to an encyclopedia meet the Yellow pages of female hook ups. But most importantly, you can use the directory to find a girl in real life, and fast. Get on the site, select the city you’re in right now, and you can be with a hot companion in under two hours.

Browsing All These Girls

The interface of the EscortsAffair platform is one of the best when it comes to browsing adult services. It’s mostly based on location. The home page is a huge list of states, countries and cities from which ads were posted. Once you select the place, a list of ads will be available, with explicit titles, thumbnails and short descriptions. There’s also a list of nearby cities if you want to go for a drive to the next town and have fun with a girl in a more secluded place. (That’s what I do! Remember: Don’t’ shit where you eat) Once an ad catches your eye, click on the title. You’ll find a gallery of seductive photos, a bio and body description of the escort who posted it, but also a list of things she is willing to do for you. You can call them or text them, and some even provide you with their social media contacts. Some of the girls will only host (in-call), some of the girls will only come to your place (out-call), but most of them offer both in-call and out-call services. I was a bit disappointed on the lack of live cam option but we did some research and found out that CityXguide cams had all the models needed to keep you busy during those lonely late nights 🙂

Trust in Escorts Affair

Finding escorts through EscortsAffair is 100% safe and secure. You won’t need to give anyone your personal information. This is an open and free platform. The site is using a secured connection, so even your browsing data won’t be at risk. As long as you clean your browsing and your call history, nobody will find out what you been up to.

To conclude, is a pretty fucking awesome hook up website. It’s simple as it gets when it comes to searching for the one and the ads are as real as they get.

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Escortsaffair Review




Amount of Profiles


Website Speed






User Reviews


The Good

  • Amount of Profiles
  • US and International Ads
  • Good Profile Layout
  • No Advertising
  • Mobile Friendly Site
  • Price (Free)

The Bad

  • No rating System
  • No reviews on Providers
  • Bad reviews from Users
  • Lots of Bogus Profiles
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  1. I did contact the website about being scammed..gave the ads that scammed me.
    The web site never replied. I notified them that the ads keep appearing…same girl different name email phone number..the site done nothing..they do not police the fake ads to try and protect I am confidant the website is in on the scams.
    If you search the email or girl on line will find she is listed all over even other countries.
    I pointed this out to the website as well..nothing …no reply ad removed..scams…all..or most.

  2. all scams…
    Tried for several months to hook up.
    All wanted deposits up front show.
    Bogus addresses..wait at addresses with no show..
    I have pages full of email addresses..
    They change frequently..
    As do their names..
    All these ads are fake and scam artists..

  3. Robbed 400.00 …i sent 150 promises, another, .
    Sad it took me way to far into this scam that once they had the 150 and I was livid, I began just tbrowing it at the scumbuckets… I am investigating.

    1. Fools gave me location where they are operating from.
      Cashapp name said Ashley Gentry, name on hotel receipt was Ashley Gentry phones were out of MI. and CONN.

      1. The Porn Reviewer

        So you got scammed by a local provider. The website do not really regulate what people post.

    2. The Porn Reviewer

      Again, not the website’s fault.

  4. This site is a scam I paid this escort to attend a occasion I had to attend twice and she never showed up, her name is Charlie, Angela, and Madelyn , her manager Jeff rasmussen also, they were paid 100 dollars each time and stole the money from the sites members. Don’t use this site. She steals and lies.

  5. This site is a total scam this escort name Charlie also named Angela and also named Madelyn was paid twice to show for a date and her and her manager Jeff rasmussen are both scams and should not be allowed to post ads and steal members money. This escort is a scam and liar, I am totally disappointed with this site

  6. Lewis Beddall

    After being scammed twice by participants on escorts affair, the website looks nice but they obviously are screening their participants. Whenever someone asked for gift cards I found out after the fact which the majority do it’s just a scam. Once they have the card number, the money is theirs and they never have to show up.So I’m pretty much disappointed in Escorts affair

    1. This site is a scam , And the escort goes by Charlie, also Angela, And also Madelyn she was hired and paid twice and never show first the money was sent by Zelle to a JRasmussen 1976 and they claim they never got it and then a eBay card and she never showed up , SHE AND THIS SITE IS A TOTAL SCAM DO NOT LOOK FOR A DATE ON THIS SITE. IF THEY CONTINUE TO ALLOW HER TO POST HER AD AN STEAL MONEY FROM THEIR MEMBERS , I AM LIVID THAT THIS SITE ALLOWS SCAMMERS TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEIR MEMBERS

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