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Tired of the same old porn?


Often, mainstream porn can be somewhat boring and repetitive, prompting us to seek different sources. So, what’s the next destination? Big studio productions may not satiate our craving…let’s be honest, we are getting tired of fake hollywood titties on a 4’11 college looking bimbo riding a 11” monster BBC…so where should we look? The answer, according to many, lies in exploring high-quality celeb porn, a suggestion that is certainly not without merit. In fact, it’s arguably one the best recommendation one can make. It’s crucial to prioritize one’s enjoyment, meaning you should aim to find the finest celeb porn available, right?

Due to the relatively limited exposure of celeb porn, and other such complexities, it can be quite challenging to find. A reliable website can be a great resource in discovering quality celebrity content. Unfortunately, numerous sites claiming to specialize in amateur and celeb porn are in face total scams, providing no real content and too many ads. Where to turn? What’s the next move? You might seek guidance from a porn connoisseur like me, Stephanie, your favorite reviewer on PremiumPornList.com, for advice.

Fortunately, I have the perfect destination for those seeking high-quality celeb porn.. The treasure trove of pornography, or the proverbial Garden of Eden if you will, is Fappenist.com! An odd name indeed…what could it signify? This site stands out among the scant few celeb blogs on the web that exclusively post authentic leaked photos and videos of celebrities. Some content includes “pre-fame” images, while a significant portion of the photos were produced and leaked post-celebrity status. It’s worth noting that the site doesn’t only host photos but also boasts an extensive collection of videos, which is quite impressive.

 Fappenist.com, the Breakdown:

The Recent category

Upon landing on Fappenist.com.com, one of the immediate observations would be the variety of sections the site offers. First up is the “recent” section, showcasing all the newly uploaded images. This section is most relevant for the seasoned wankers who have consumed all the content on the site. Granted, it’s a significant accomplishment, but we can’t discount the possibility of dedicated porn connoisseurs achieving it. Overall, it’s a tidy little section, which can be visited after exploring the remaining leaked porn on the site. Next, we have the categories section. The label is self-explanatory, requiring little discussion here. We’ll reserve further exploration for a future discussion.

The Videos tab

The Video tab will basically filter all the posts and only show you the video posts once you click on it. Most of the videos there are celebrity solo selfie videos that have been leaked. Don’t try to download them, the right click option is disabled and will only let you share the video. The great thing about the videos is the buffering, it’s fast as fuck!

How about the Pictures tab?

PICTURES can say a lot! Of course, there is also a photo TAB on the site. Fully stocked with girls and women celebs, all 18+ of course! If you are into shared and leaked celeb pictures, you will love that category on Fappenist.com. It has shit tons of content for you to go through, so get that lube and Kleenex box ready guys!

The (forgotten) GIF’s section

Let’s talk about another tab that I thought was pretty cool: the GIF’s section! What I really liked about that one is that GIF’s load and play much faster than MP4 Videos. Yes, I know, I have an old ass computer. (But so do millions of other people) The GIF’s section however doesn’t seem to be super popular on fappenist.com. The last posts on that section seem to be from 10/18/2020. Maybe it was too labor intensive and the site’s owner decided to give up on that category.

But what about the actual “categories” tab on fappenist.com?
Well, to be honest with y’all, it wasn’t much there, just a few categories listed there; I liked the “nude sex scene”, which is my favorite on the blog. Many posts should be tagged with a category, unfortunately some categories only have one post, Kim Kardashian for example.


My conclusion and opinion on Fappenist.com

For a 100% Free Celeb blog, I will tell you that the blog is pretty well built. Loads fast and has a great amount of recent/up-to-date content. On the down side, and pretty much the only thing that really bugged me was the annoying pop up, coming back again and again. I wish they just set that up to one a day.( or just delete the thing) Another thing I really wished change is the GIF category. I think it should also be updated with Fresh content. Gifs are easy to share on platform like Tweeter.

So to sum up, Fappenist.com is a good celeb blog site. Definitely something you should bookmark and check daily for fresh leaked videos and pictures.


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