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The Sex Dolls industry is evolving, with more and more people getting into the whole experience. Dolls have gotten better over the last couple of years. They are so realistic! And they are also a lot cheaper. At, you will find the perfect balance between quality and price. That’s because they are one of the biggest manufacturers and sellers on the market right now. Demand always drives up production while also lowering costs. You can see that in their offer. With over 2,000 models available for purchase, with lots of customization and theme variation, you can find here the ultimate sex doll to fulfill your fantasies. The technology and materials used for creating these dolls are also a great selling point for their offer. And the customer service is probably the best on the web right now. This site is suitable for anyone who wants to buy a doll, no matter if it’s a first purchase, an upgrade, or an addition to your collection. Let’s take a look at what they offer!

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With a price range between $130 and $3,500, this site comes to please every potential customer’s needs. However, price shouldn’t be your main concern. Of course, you should care about the budget, but you should care more about getting a doll that attracts you and turns you on. As mentioned, they have over 2,000 customizable models. You’ll find exactly what you need. They have both generic and celebrity dolls. The offer covers all the main trends and preferences when it comes to generic ones. They have dolls with perfect vixen bodies, and also everything from skinny petite builds to mega busty babes and even BBW dolls. Although most of the offer comes with Asian sex dolls, there are plenty of white girl and ebonies for you. We would have liked to see more Latinas and other hot-looking exotic babes, but the site reflects the demands of their customers. And then they have the celebrity dolls.
Some of them were modeled after porn stars. Or at least they’ve made it look almost as the real babe while giving it a new name. And it’s not just popular porn stars who can be yours forever. It’s also dolls based on characters form cartoons, anime and movies. I’ve even seen a couple of male celebrity dolls, including a pretty neat Wolverine. The site even comes to please fetishes, including your pregnancy kinks with knocked-up dolls whose bellies will never disappear. The hyper realism of some dolls is insane. Not only does their skin looks flawless, but touching them will make you feel like you’re touching a real woman.

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Real Sex Doll has excellent customer service. Not only that the site looks great, but the entire process seems so professional and finely tuned. It’s easier and faster to find the perfect doll for you than it is finding a good video on a porn tube. The search tool has many filters and categories for price, size, appearance, and materials. When you find what you like, you can start customizing and have so many options. It’s not just breasts size, hair color and height from drop-down lists. Everything from eyes and lips to nipple size, vaginal aspect and even the interior texture of mouths, pussies and asses can be customized. Custom dolls will take longer to ship. But if you’re lucky enough to find what you like in the models they have in stock, you’ll have it in three to seven days. All shipping is free and the packing is discrete.


Cheapest: Around $1,000
Average Price: $1,500 – $1,800
Top Shelf Dolls: $3,499
Alternatives: body parts and masturbators starting at $229


Real Sex Doll is the site where great quality and low prices are met halfway. The dolls sold on this site are mid-range, and the site doesn’t compromise its brand name with cheaply made products. Everything they produce is extremely realistic. The way they conduct both their online platform and their customer support is flawless. There are regular hot deals and stock sales, but everything goes away fast. A great way to make sure you’re not missing a good deal is to keep an eye on their blog. The blog is also useful for new owners because it comes with guides, maintenance tutorials, and new product announcements.


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RealSexDoll Review

RealSexDoll Review











The Good

  • Lots Of Models
  • Enhanced Customization
  • Excellent Website
  • Free Shipping

The Bad

  • No Low-End Sex Dolls

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