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Smutty is technically a picture and social media for perverts. Most mainstream social networks have a zero tolerance to porn and nudity in general, but not Smutty. The platform has been around for 2 decades and counting, catering to users’ needs to posting and sharing downright explicit pictures and videos. So far millions of naughty pictures and videos have been shared on Smutty creating one massive collection of smut accessible to registered users. The platform connects equally naughty users that can’t fit anywhere else on the internet because of the perverted nature of their discussions.

How does works?

Smutty works pretty much like the average traditional picture and social network site. Users follow simple sign-up procedures with options to either connect their Smutty accounts with twitter or use their emails instead. Upon registration, one is allowed to follow other users on the platforms –individuals that contribute to content that interests you. Besides following other users on Smutty, registered users can post fresh content, join trendy hashtags, and comment on or caption other users’ posts. Registered users also have voting privileges where they can vote for content on the platform to move them from new posts to trendy and finally to the hot section.

But what about the design?

Admittedly, Smutty could do better in terms of design, structure, and layout. The homepage is crowded with content left right and center and you’ll need some time to learn your way around. On the brighter side, the pages are packed with provocative content; you probably won’t mind the occasional detours. However, if you are keen enough, you’ll notice that the content appears in a specific order.

The center of the homepage is the Hot Section! This space is reserved for the posts with the most votes having passé through the ranks of new, trendy, and finally to the hot section. The hot section is basically your feeds area where the most voted for posts from other users appear. The posts come with hashtags specifying the category each post belongs to. Users are allowed to comment on the posts with other relevant hashtags.

On the left-hand side of the site are other helpful pages that help users with navigation. There’s the Videos page, Everyone’s –content from all the site’s contributors regardless of whether they are your friends, Tube, Hot, Trending, New, and Top. There’s also a list of the platform’s best curators, popular hashtags, and keyboard shortcuts. Users can narrow down their searches using hashtags, people (specific curators), random, based on notification, and the search key strategically positioned close to the site’s logo.

Does Smutty live up to the hype?

Despite the negligible design flaw, it is safe to safe that Smutty has done a great job hosting perverts that no other social network can accommodate. The platform is packed with exciting adult content, most available to users for free. Users can also take part in serious discussions, make fun, and just enjoy being in the company of fellow degenerates that can take a dark joke without judging. Smutty is the real deal in case you are looking for a platform you can interact with fellow “outlaws” that can’t construct a decent sentence without cursing.

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User Interface


Content Quality


Content Quantity




The Good

  • Huge library of content
  • Micro Niches offered
  • Site has been around for Years

The Bad

  • Too many Ads
  • Interface can be confusing
  • Tube pages need some work
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