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For those who wish to own a sex doll and have already checked out what’s available on the market, you already know how expensive this purchase can be. Not everyone is willing to pay over $2000 on their first sex dolls. Even if some of them are, in my humble opinion, worth the money, it’s still a big sum for someone who has never experienced a sex doll. And that’s where Tantaly comes in handy. This adult shop offers affordable alternatives for any type of sex doll by offering torso sex dolls that only focus on the parts that really matter. It turns out that the heads of sex dolls are one of the reasons why they are so expensive since their manufacturing process is much more complex. Because of that, the site sells headless/ legless dolls, making them more affordable.

These products are offered at half the price when compared to regular sex dolls, and they honestly just feel like the real thing! Yes, you heard me right! On top of that, some of you might feel more comfortable with these torso masturbators specifically because they don’t come with a face.

Products Quality & Quantity?Tantaly.com review Monica Doll

This is a boutique sex doll website , so their offer limits itself to about a dozen torso dolls. However, the site offers variety, with female, male, and even shemale dolls. You also get a diversity of female torso dolls with different body types. At the time of this review, regular busty, extra busty, busty, fit or elegantly curvy are some of the designs available on the website. The shemale torso comes with a massive penis. And there are also doggy-style dolls, which are even cheaper than a regular torso doll because they only have a cute ass bending over with a bit of a back side. (which you can place on a bed side and go to town from behind.)
The assholes and pussy parts are built-in, and their cleaning requires a special kit. No worries, you’ll find the kit for sale on the website as well, along with other accessories such as repair kits, lingerie, and even heating rods which can use to heat up the holes to the real human body temperature. collection.


How about their website?

Tantaly.com review MenuSince the catalog isn’t too big, the browsing tools are not that important when searching for the right product. However, you get an advanced search on the site that can be used to set price range, color, size, and kink category. The products pictures and descriptions are well displayed and informative. Below the descriptions, you will find real reviews from past customers who already tried the products. The billing and shipping are extremely discrete. The site even has a return policy, which is rare in the adult toys industry. The website also offers a blog called the Tantaly Academy with interesting article and content, such as erotic background stories for the dolls, guides, and even information on the girls whose bodies were used as molds for the dolls


 Tantaly’s Prices

As mentioned before, the tantaly.com torso dolls are much more affordable than the ones you can find on other websites. Furthermore, this website offers one of the best male masturbator when it comes to materials and manufacturing. The lowest budget dolls here are the mini sex dolls, with reduced torso but realistically sized holes, which cost under $160. You will also find the doggy-style dolls for under $300. And their shemale type dolls are right under $250. But most of the regular-sized torso dolls are high-end and are around $700 on average. Note that Domestic shipping is FREE, you will receive a tracking number after ordering and it takes 6 to 10 business days to receive the goods!

My Final Thoughts on Tantaly.com

To conclude, Tantaly does offer a quite small collection of dolls for sale, but the brand promises a lot. There is no doubt that they’ve gone the extra mile to build a well designed website with stellar pictures, excellent descriptions and a well written blog for their visitors. You definitely won’t feel like you’re buying some cheap plastic dolls from a Chinese warehouse (you know who they are). At Tantaly.com, you get quality products that are there to enhance your intimate experiences. They even offer a VIP program that can earn you points redeemable when making future purchases and submissions photo contest for existing clients. (You can submit pics of your Tantaly sex doll in the outfits you like best)

If you have any questions or concerns about our Tantaly.com review, please leave your comments below, we would love to hear from you!

Tantaly.com review

Tantaly.com review





Discreet Shipping/Payment




The Good

  • Cheaper Than Regular Dolls
  • Awesome Community Features
  • VIP Discounts
  • Nice Variety Of Dolls
  • Return Policy
  • Free Shipping
  • Tons of Payment Options

The Bad

  • Some Products Are Pricey
  • Only One Shemale And One Male Doll
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