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Tracy’s Dog is a sought-after sex toy brand with a vast portfolio of futuristic sex toys for women, men, and couples, along with plenty of other sexy, quality products. The company started out as a manufacturer of female sex toys, then later diversified into offering pleasure products for women, men, and couples. Tracy’s Dog has since established a wide product range, with each product scoring impressive reviews, and an overall positive, consumer response.

Everyone’s read one of those hilarious Amazon review that began in 2019. You know, the ones where a beyond gratified, female customer who purchased one of Tracy’s Dog’s clitoral-sucking vibrators, left an amusing, lengthy review. The anonymous user admits that the product “met and exceeded her expectations”, adding that she must have “levitated during the intense session that made her squirt for the first time”.

This was just one example of the numerous satisfied customers that have used many of the various kinds of products you can expect from Tracy’s Dog. Besides the massive selection of sex toys, Tracy’s Dog also manufactures lingerie and life-size sex dolls. Looking to spice up your sex life with accessories that will get the job done right? Well, this is where it all starts!

Products Quality & Quantity?

OG Pro2 Sucking Vibrator

Tracy’s Dog doesn’t play around when it comes to quality and efficient functionality. Don’t take my word for it -after this read, find out what other people say about the brand. There are no shortage of jaw dropping, orgasmic reviews to choose from.

The folks at Tracy’s Dog know what it takes to sweep you off your feet -they have unique products fashioned just for that. They stock a variety of products, each with different functionality or an improvement of previous versions and great price points. Their female penetration toys range from Tiffany Blue toys, Remote control toys, Sucking vibrators, Fucking vibrators, Dildos, and Anal plugs.

Men’s solo sessions don’t have to feature boring hands-only now either. Thanks to Tracy’s Dog you can use Masturbation cups, Prostate massage toys, Anal plugs, and Penis rings. There’s also some things for fun, adventurous couples looking to play together with exotic toys.
Inviting, lifelike sex dolls also make Tracy’s Dog’s expansive product line a must. The dolls come in different sizes and figures. They range with boob cup sizes to different asses. You can also purchase an array of BDSM toys from their massive collection.


Prices & Discounts

Contrary to what you would expect, Tracy’s Dog products are very pocket-friendly. You can find a discreet late-night companion for less than $20. There are a wide array of Tracy’s Dog products that can be purchased for less than $50, a steal in my opinion!
Some items on the site, due to their quality, have a higher price tag, but nothing too exorbitant compared to alternative products. Sex dolls are obviously more costly (at $700-900) compared to the smaller sex toys.
You can always purchase Tracy’s Dog products from their official sites or on several leading online retailers such as Amazon. Be sure to check and see if they’re running a discount on their official website, however, as they often do. (Running a 10% discount if you subscribe to their newsletter or by using coupon code: NEW10)

How about their website?

Lastly, Tracy’s Dog’s website is very user friendly. They offer easy to navigate tabs with various categories based on type of product, best sellers, and so much more. (see to your left) If you scroll down on a product, the site lists discount codes for that item, full product description, delivery times, and customer reviews. There are also multiple photos of the product. Scroll even further and you will see detailed instructions (and suggestions) of ways to use the product — either solo or with a partner.

Payment Options, what do they accept? accepts all major Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Note that you can also pay in 4 interest-free payments via Klarna. Last but not least, a PayPal option is listed on the check out page.

My Final Thoughts

Tracy’s Dog boasts an innovative product line that will undoubtedly excite you. The products are pocket-friendly, and they guarantee prompt, discreet shipping. Always check out other users’ reviews of the products you’re looking to buy, they’re not only amusing, but very helpful.

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Discreet Shipping/Payment




The Good

  • Wide array and variety of products
  • Exceptional quality products
  • Prompt, discreet shipping
  • Pocket-friendly product
  • Easy to navigate website

The Bad

  • Only a few brands available
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