VRsmash.com Review

Ever heard of Virtual Reality Pornography?

Well, VR porn has been around for a couple of years and it is here to stay! Armed with my Oculus headset, I set out to review the vrsmash.com site. And I daresay vrsmash.com is an important player in the field of VR porn. VR Smash already has over 900 excellent quality full-length videos in its premium section and that speaks volumes about the site. The videos that are available have been shot in 180-degree and 360-degree immersive 3D quality. My, my, did they take me away to a land of make-believe! You have straight, gay, lesbian, as well as shemale content. There’s a lot of sensual sex, blowjobs, rough, no-holds-barred fucking, and unlimited fantasies and fetishes. Watching porn in VR is an out of this world escapade and you should experience it to believe it!! Very aptly, their tag line sums it all up: “The Future is Cumming”!!

What it has for VR fans

VRSmash.com Index Page

Free video previews are plenty and you have them ranging from under a minute to full-length movies. However, these are mostly low-res films and you’ll realize that there is damn good high res stuff in there but you’ll need to shell out the greenbacks to view them. If you’ve never watched VR porn in high-res, the difference is really vast. The choice, however, is varied with a great number of categories and you have over 30 studios exhibiting their wares on the site. In addition, there are over 930 full-length scenes in the premium section and these range from around 15 minutes to an hour. So, you can rest assured that you have a lot to explore and over a long period of time! VRSmash has associated with BaDoink to offer you the full RealVR directory. The site also has a set of “How-tos” to help you through the nuances of handling the site. This is a boon to first-time users of VR as they would find it very helpful.

Functions and features par excellence

With a site such as this one, it is difficult to pinpoint flaws and suggest an enhancement to its interface, display or other functionalities. It is a breeze surfing around the site. With white and pink text used on a pitch black background, the site looks pretty sexy, right at the outset! All the categories (lots of them!) are neatly placed one below the other on the left side margin and the top bar has minimal stuff- just the search window, and the login and “enter’ tabs. The neatly cataloged videos can be browsed by their titles, niche, date, or studio and you even have the option of 180 or 360-degree field view. When you stream the scenes, you have the option to specify the device you are using, for better compatibility. However, there aren’t any additional settings. For downloads, there is only one file type with 1280×720 resolution, but not for specific devices, which would have been a lot better. Newbies to VR have a “Getting Started” guide to help with the functionality through FAQs. The FAQs cover five common headsets- Google Cardboard, Smartphone VR, Oculus Rift, Gear VR, and HTC Vice. They also provide support for all the listed headsets. The site has adopted the WebVR built-in technology which is likely to be the standard technology over the web. I got to test a number of random videos and they all streamed pretty fast and I could even nudge them on backward or forward without really hampering the playback. Even the preview clips, both in high as well as low quality are available freely and compatible with most headsets. However, it is but obvious that you tend to get redirected to studio sites when you look for higher quality or want full-length scenes.

Does it cost the moon?

For those who have a VR headset but signing up for a membership with VR Smash is not on the cards right now, you can sign up for free and access loads of free content at the site. The only downside to this is you may not find full-length scenes but mostly short clips and trailers. VR Smash, arguably the world’s first VR Porn Tube has a premium membership offer that grants access to over 900 porn scenes of full length and great quality- 4K and 5K. The membership costs $19.95 a month and $95.40 yearly or annual membership. That is a neat discount of 33% over the listed price. And for this Valentine’s they have a really big offer for all you young, romantic people out there! The in-browser VR App allows premium members to watch their favorite scenes in privacy. With access to a number of studios such as HoloGirlsVR, BaDoinkVR, VRLatina, VRBangers, and others, it is a never-ending supply of hot action. Regular updates make it even more worth the while to have the premium membership.

VR- cumming of age

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In conclusion, I’d say that the free access to the site and the use of the ground-breaking WebVR technology are key game-changers for VR Smash. If you add the extensive range of full-length videos of high quality and access to different studios, it becomes a favorite of any young VR aficionado. The clutter-free interface is another big plus on this site full of great content. The sexy looking models only further beckon the user to rip open the site and enter into the world of virtual reality. This could be the closest one could travel in fantasy land and explore unlimited fun and frolic. I’m sure the premium members are having a whale of a time moving from one fantastic category to the next satiating their carnal desires and that of their partners in great style- in the virtual world! I highly recommend VR Smash as the go-to site for VR porn buffs who want all the action and more.


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VRsmash.com Review

VRsmash.com Review











The Good

  • Above par performance and downloads
  • Ease of navigation
  • Excellent interface
  • Additional studios

The Bad

  • Low duration ‘free’ clips
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