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You probably already know that but is one of the oldest cam web portals on the internet. It was launched back in the late 90s and it was the first to introduce the free chat rooms in the webcam sex industry. The site has great history but it is his stellar reputation that attracted a great diversity of gloabal models.  Let’s take a look at the largest online webcam networks on the internet, and see if it’s coming with what you are looking for. Get ready for a brand new review on 🙂

Signing up Is review Index page

It would have been ironic if joining a site that’s called would actually cost you money. Fret not!  You won’t have to pay a single cent when you join this platform, and you don’t even have to give them your credit card information. Just select a username, a password, confirm your email address and you’re good to go. Why would you need an account on Freecams? Well, nothing is really 100% free in this world, so leaving your Email address allows to send you promotions from time to time. Having a free account will also allow you to interact with the models via text chat. Finally, another benefit that comes with a free membership on Freecams is the access to all the model sexy photo galleries and teasing clips that you will get. One thing you should know though, models tend to know who has a Free account and who has made a purchase in the past, so don’t get mad if you get ignored as a free loader.


Any Girls Your Heart Desires

As I mentioned earlier, Freecams is of the the largest and most diversified cam platform on the Internet. That means no matter what you are in a mood for, you will find it on the platform.. You really do get everything, from skinny girls to hot vixen MILFs. And there’s also a great ethnic diversity on Freecams. White girls from both the US and Europe, but also Ebonies, Latinas, Asians, Indians and even some Arab models. (I saw one wearing a Burka the other day).  Your naughty dreams can become a fucking reality in the virtual world. Even your kinks can be satisfied with Freecams. No matter if you are into; feet, food (that can get messy), girl squirting, shaved or hairy pussies, curvy girls or even BBWs, the options of are endless.

Tipping the Models

A lot of members like to give tips after a private show, just like you do it at a strip club, while others prefer to tip the model while she is public chat for simple personal requests or just to be nice. Tipping means Giving away tokens, which is the website currency. Remember that tipping doesn’t mean asking the model whatever you want, the website still has restrictions and rules, just make sure you read before tipping, especially when tipping in public chats. Tips cannot be reviewed of refunded so just make sure that if you have a special request, the model needs to agree before you give her that tip.

Reward Points

I don’t know about you guys but I am a big fan of rewards and coupons. automatically rewards is users with 1 Reward Point for every 10 tokens you purchase. As you accumulate rewards point, certain features and options of the websites will be available to you and your account. Furthermore, models will be able to see your reward point total and status. Another great thing about those reward points is that they never expire.

The Private Shows

This is the another premium option that you will have to pay for, and to be honest It can get pricey if you don’t time yourself. When you find a girl that you really dig, you are going to want to have her just for yourself in a private show. (don’t we all?)
Private shows cost 1 token per second so 60 tokens per minute. That means that if you want to stay in a Private show for 10 minutes, then you will need 600 tokens. The private Show will automatically end when you run out of Tokens. Between us,  the costs of private shows on Freecams is  one the lowest in the industry.

For more details on pricing and billing , check out the Myfreecams review, they have the exact same pricing structure.

That’s going to be all for today folks! As always, if you have any comment about our review, scroll down the comment section and ask away!


Models Quality


Models Quantity


Stream Speed






The Good

  • Wide array of models
  • Simple Interface
  • Large amount of HD cams
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Pictures and Bios
  • Free Mode

The Bad

  • Tends to get expensive with some models


  1. Nohostev

    Do not visit this site. i was a member for a long time and after over half a million tips they banned me for life for non-sense reason. Your real money means nothing to them and loyalty is a joke with MFC. Realistically if you have invested more than enough Would it be reasonable to cancel your membership for any reason at all online by a website? There are levels of punishment i agree but remember its online. Tangible money vs. digital community.

    I maybe sound bitter by saying all this and i may be stupid for investing but it is what it is. MFC does not consider what connection a person may have with the people that are working for its site, they will take it away and you could not do a thing. i had friends in there for many years now , i did not even had a chance to say goodbye. Fuck you MFC

    1. The Porn Reviewer

      Sorry to hear about your MFC ban Nohostev. Have you try contacting their customer service and explain the situation? Why did they ban you in the first place?

      If you really wanted to get back in, you could easily use a VPN with a different IP address and create a new username (somewhat similar to the old one so old contact could easily recognize you)
      Our site has a great cam selection if you are wanting to try a different platform.

      1. Nohostev

        thanks, its a yes and a no for me if i wanna go back. it was home at first then the site turned its back on me so its kinda i got betrayed.

        i got banned because there are models that complained because i did not give them anything, even if u dont say anything they put u on the spot.. i had over half a million donated tokens tip and models see this , and when they do they say or ask where is their piece of the pie.. for me i think come on, not all the time a members have the funds but in situations like this members cannot win. but im over it.. thank u tho

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